Age Limit 18+
Time to Play the Game 30-90 min
Required # of People 4-12

What is Group or dare?

Group or Mare

last player on all fours is the pony. try to fit all other players on their back at the same time

Like One of your French Girls

Sketch a scene involving the player to your left and your right in any position. They have to reenact it


Draw a tramp stamp on a RANDOM player. if they already have one they get a shame card

tyrannosaurus flex

pull your elbows into your sleeves. you must maintain your t-rex arms for the next 3 turns

Snapchat Roulette

send an awkward snapchat to a person of the group’s choice

Scarlet Letter

Tell everyone the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done

Just the Zip

unzip every zipper in the room using only your teeth

Facebook Official

take the most romantic picture of you with someone other than your significant other and post it on social media

Boudoir Photo Shoot

Have someone take a sexy picture of you in another room with a prop of the group’s choice. Come back and share your results

Ingloryhole Bastards

Make a glory hole out of a piece of paper. For one turn you have to lick whatever gets put through it.

Frequently Asked questions

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How do you play Group or Dare?

The game is simple. All you need is a deck and a way to pick a random player. We recommend dice or a bottle to spin - this is also how you'll choose the first player. 

Once you do, that player picks a card, reads it out loud, then completes the task. If they're feeling a little shy they can pick a shame card instead. Proceed clockwise until the deck is complete.

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Is this a sex game?


Well, mostly nope. The tasks in the original deck are definitely unique but not overly sexual. The Friends with Benefits deck does get spicier, and while we don't recommend that one for family game night, it can be played at most... uh, open-minded gatherings. Take a look at the sample cards on this site for a better idea.

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Who do I contact if I have issues with my order?

Send an email to and we'll do our best to respond within 24 hours.